Frequent Questions

What is the weekly royalty?
5% of gross revenue.

Will I get my own territory?
Yep. 1 mile in all directions.

How much is the initial franchise fee?
$17,000 for your first store.

What are your capital requirements?
You'll need $85,000 to $100,000 of cash liquidity (cash and stocks) to effectively handle the start-up costs. You'll be well-positioned to borrow the rest. If you want to sign a multi-unit franchise agreement, you'll need at least $150,000 liquidity and a net worth (assets less liabilities) of $250,000.

Do you loan money to franchisees?
No, Shish Grill does not lend money to franchisees. We have relationships with a number of lending sources that provide SBA loans.

Do you require owners to operate their own restaurants?
No. We strongly suggest, however, that at least one investor works full-time on premise as the operator.

What is a store's average square footage?
We have designed our stores to work best in 1,500 to 2,500 square feet of space. Should you find an excellent location with an unusual shape or size, however, our construction department can adapt our layout to meet almost any reasonable dimensions.

How do I find a location for my restaurant?
We combine your knowledge of your area with our expertise in site selection to assist you in picking the best location.

Do I need food experience?
Nope, just a good attitude and a great work ethic. We will assist you through the entire startup process and train you to operate your restaurant using our proven operating system. If you just follow our lead, work hard and take outstanding care of your customers, you'll guarantee your success.

How long does the franchise agreement last?
10 years with a 10-year renewal at your option.